About Us

In Chinese culture, eight represents prosperity and nine represents longevity. This, together, represents the relationship we share with our clients: long prosperity for both partners.

889 Global Solutions is a contract manufacturer. Our purpose is to manufacture our clients’ custom products, components and assemblies in East Asia, reducing and handling risk by controlling for quality and delivery during and after production. In this way, we ensure prosperity for our clients for as long as they’re with us.

We believe a positive workplace culture is the key to any successful business, and we believe our culture is the best in the industry: We love manufacturing and delivering the perfect part, We provide our clients excellent service by deeply understanding and addressing their needs, every employee contributes to our success by working together to solve problems and complete the 889 Process, knowledge and high moral value are the basis of our relationships with clients, coworkers, and vendors and finally, open communication within our organization fosters creativity, flexibility, and fun.



Judy Y. Huang, CEO

Ms. Huang has more than 18 years of international business experience, specializing in sourcing from China. Her extensive contacts in consulting, government, manufacturing and operation experience makes her of unique value. In her current capacity with 889 Global Solutions Ltd., Ms. Huang has sourced both consumer products and industrial products for companies in multiple industries. Her ability to negotiate and create a successful relationship between your business counterpart in China and your company has been the key to on-going success in China. Ms. Huang earned a BA degree in Business from Boston College and attended the MBA program of CEIBS in Beijing. She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Our Partners