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Community Involvement Update

As that famous 1971 hit by Ten Years After goes: “I’d love to change the world / But I don’t know what to do / So I’ll leave it up to you.” Recently 889 Global Solutions has been involved in some charitable efforts and wanted to share some different ways you can get involved. Through your support, these organizations uplift people and communities and improve the quality of life around them.  In early March of 2018, our staff volunteered with Meals-on-Wheels and LifeCare Alliance, as well as the Homeless Families Foundation and Columbus Rotary, to support the amazing work they do helping underprivileged families. Soon, we will be participating in the Step Up For Stefanie Walk/Run. We believe that selfless contribution is a healthy part of any community, and have found these organizations to be particularly wonderful for the services they provide. Please see below to see how you can take part in the action!

Earlier this Spring, our team and their families had a heart-warming experience taking part in the Meals-On-Wheels volunteer program. Meals-on-wheels serves 2.4 million seniors and helps people in a variety of different walks of life. Those served include people who undergo medical treatments that prevent them from leaving the house, people with difficulty chewing food, and people with dietary restrictions. In cooperation with Life Care Alliance, chefs and registered dietitians create healthy, complete meal plans to give to those in need. Are you looking to contribute to a great cause?  They accept any size donation, and have multiple volunteer programs to choose from.

On March 10, we had the opportunity to participate in a fun day of Olympics put on by the Homeless Families Foundation and The Columbus Rotary club. We enjoyed setting-up for the event as well as being timers, score-keepers, and judges. Most of all, we enjoyed the smiles at the award ceremony afterwards. It was uplifting to provide a positive and encouraging atmosphere for the kids. In a day focused on youth health and fitness, kids gathered to do fun obstacle courses and get the blood pumping. There were push-up and sit-up stations, dodge ball games, and even a balloon popping competition to inspire kids to be active and have fun. Since 2012, Columbus Rotarians have contributed over $1 million to community programs in Columbus. The Homeless Families Foundation puts on after school programs and weekend events like the Kids Olympics where they provide shorts and T-shirt to every child and award medals and ribbons to participants. Both organizations take big steps to make our community a better place for all.

If  you missed the last two events and are wondering “what’s next?” you are in luck! This Saturday April 21st 2018, the staff here will be taking part in the Step-Up for Stefanie walk/run for the second year. Proceeds from this 4-mile or 1-mile course will benefit local breast cancer research through the Stefanie Spielman Research Fund. Over the last 16 years, they have raised more than $1.7 million for cancer research. Along the route, runners and walkers alike will be enjoying live music and other entertainment. We are excited to be participating again this year, and have doubled our fundraising goal from last year. It is our hope that you will support the vision of creating a cancer-free world. We want to express our sincere thanks to all of you for your willingness and desire to help us in our fundraising efforts.  Click here to see how you can contribute: 2018 Step-up for Stefanie flyer.pdf

We look forward to seeing you at future events!

AmCon Show a Success

Last week, September 18-20, 889 Global Solutions made an appearance at the AmCon show in Cleveland, Ohio, located at the I-X Center. The turnout was a success for both exhibitors and attendees as American Contract Manufacturers met with local and regional businesses to solve supply chain needs.

The 889 team was excited to create visibility by not only exhibiting, but also presenting a seminar for a local forum at the trade show titled “How to Take Advantage of Global Resources”. AmCon Trade Shows are nationally recognized for having domestic manufacturers come represent themselves and the industry. The show provides a platform for manufacturers to showcase their products and services, as well as, learn about the latest trends in different sectors through educational forums.
As a company that has continually grown since its inception in 2001, 889 has knowledge and experience from past and current practices. It was exciting to learn from others in the space and share what we see as the best way to outsource a supply chain in order to take advantage of labor cost-savings, materials, and also avoid situational road-blocks along the way.

As Alex Anderson, 889 Global Solutions Sales Associate and presenter of the forum, explained “It was a good turnout. There was a good amount of stimulating conversations and general questions about when it is appropriate to look for sourcing solutions internationally, how to go about introducing your company to the practice, and pitfalls to avoid. 889 is proud to consider themselves a leader in this practice and was happy to pass along knowledge that could help businesses be more cost-effective and enhance their supply chain operations.”

Make sure and see 889 Global Solutions showcase more of their services offered at the next trade show being attended in Detroit, Michigan on October 22-25, 2017 for the NMSDC Trade Show. There, you will find not only examples of our international sourcing and manufacturing capabilities, but also our MBE and government contracts capabilities as well. Questions? Please feel free to call 614-235-8889 or email at

Judy Huang, CEO of 889 Global Solutions, recognized as Panelist for Smart Women Breakfast Awards from Smart Business Magazine – Columbus

We are very excited to share that Judy Huang, the CEO and founder of 889 Global Solutions was selected to be a panelist at the 2017 Central Ohio Smart Women Breakfast and Awards! The Smart Women Awards is an annual event held by Smart Business Magazine that recognizes the achievements and success of leading businesswomen and entrepreneurs.

Originally born in China, Judy moved to the United States at age 12. After pursuing a degree in Marketing and Communications from Boston College, she returned to China where she founded the second licensed real estate company in Beijing—which happened to become profitable within 90 days. However, Judy soon found herself in a unique position to leverage her Chinese cultural knowledge and American business acumen to identify targeted growth opportunities within the Sino-American commercial domain. This prompted her to sell her real estate company and create 889 Global Solutions.

889’s core business model involves the implementation of customized sourcing strategies and the utilization of manufacturing facilities in East Asia in order to reduce procurement costs for its clients. As a result of its extensive network of domestic and international contacts in addition to its storied history as a contract manufacturer for 17 years, 889’s unique value proposition arises from its substantial experience and adeptness at navigating the complicated landscape of international supply chain management.

889’s success has led to a variety of clients that range from small and mid-sized US manufacturers to members of the healthcare, food equipment & supplies, and the oil & gas industries. 889 Global Solutions employs and possesses a range of manufacturing processes and capabilities that are catered to the needs of each client.

In addition to serving these primary customer bases, 889 has further expanded to develop strong client-relationships with many government entities, such as the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Department of Commerce, and the Ohio Department of Health to name a few.

Judy was chosen as a panelist in order to highlight her accomplishments as a prominent female player in the manufacturing sector and her commitment to team building and encouraging diversity of thought in the workplace.

Judy’s leadership philosophy emphasizes that the company should be “employee owned,” meaning that all employees feel a sense of ownership and commitment towards the long term strategies and goals of the company. Judy fosters this shared sense of devotion towards a common vision at 889 Global Solutions by facilitating a strong open-door work environment and following a flat management structure.

Ensuring that there is always an open line of communication between all team members is a priority at 889 global solutions, and having the ability to bring up issues openly and discussing those issues as a team minimizes difficulties while bolstering overall employee satisfaction.

As Judy mentioned in her recent interview with Smart Business Magazine, “I’m OK with people challenging my thought process and nobody has to feel like they have to kowtow to me or kowtow to any other department head. It’s about solving the problem.”

By creating this collaborative work environment, everyone is an integral component in solving any of the challenges the firm faces. Every employee is encouraged to adopt an innovative mindset that challenges and improves all of the day-to-say systems and processes 889 Global Solutions implements.

Take a look at Judy’s feature in Smart Business Magazine in the link below!
The Smart Business Magazine

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