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Without Growth, There is Just Stagnation.

Following this mantra, 889 achieved goals to grow in 2016 and the first half of 2017. In sum total, we’ve added two project managers, four sales representatives, and three administrative personnel over the past year and a half. We’ve implemented new processes, including a comprehensive customer service strategy, a reformed management structure, and a redux of our logistics management procedures. By 2017, our custom built-to-print parts entered the automotive aftermarket for the first time. Additionally, we’ve expanded our vendor network to provide even more high quality investment castings and aluminum forgings. You may have already seen it (and if you haven’t, check it out!), but we launched a new website to start the year, far more accurately displaying the diverse capabilities 889 has to offer its clients.

Now, we aren’t telling you all this simply to brag (only a little bit for that). Instead, we want to plug that to which we believe we owe this success. In 2015, 889 began to implement a system called the “Entrepreneurial Operating System” (EOS), popularized by Gino Wickman in his business strategy book Traction. Through the help of implementer and friend of the company Rich Russakoff and diligent study by Judy Huang and others, our team has been able to “get a grip” on our goals over the past year and a half thanks to the ideas espoused in Traction.

In Traction, Gino Wickman argues that businesses often stagnate or fail because the company vision and purpose is not shared by all members of the organization. To defeat this evil, Mr. Wickman proposes the “Entrepreneurial Operating System,” designed to optimize the core components of any business.

As with any business strategy, Traction is a map, not the territory. It is designed for customization in implementation, and that has certainly been the case at 889. The journey of defining how we can best utilize EOS has been fun, challenging, and ultimately rewarding.

With Traction at our backs, we are fully prepared to turn our sights to 2018 and beyond. We look forward to seeing you there!
Check out Traction and the EOS at their website: here

Internship Lunch and Learn

Here at 889 Global Solutions, we have implemented a bi-weekly Lunch & Learn, which we have come to find out that it is very beneficial to our interns. During these sessions, we teach our interns new knowledge of the industry and our sales process.

Every bi-weekly Lunch & Learn, we introduce our interns to a new part of the 889 process. We also present our interns with a test of the previous week’s session. This allows us to gauge the knowledge and assess how our interns are progressing throughout their internship.

The Lunch & Learn idea is a very promising technique in improving the quality and feedback of our internship. We advise other businesses who offer interns to adopt this idea, as it will allow you to evaluate your interns and get feedback about the internship.

Interview with a Project Manager

Have an interest in Chinese business? Have a passion for Manufacturing? Bringing in the year of the Rooster, we are seeking a full-time International Sourcing Project Manager to join our team. 889 Global Solutions is a contract manufacturer based in the growing city of Columbus, Ohio. Since 2000, we have had the mission to help North American businesses increase their profits and improve their supply chain efficiency. If you are looking for a career with a growing company that has remains a small business at heart, 889 Global Solutions may be a fit for you!
As a team member, Project Managers work with our U.S. clients, employees in our Chinese locations, and contacts at Asian factories to manage projects from production through delivery. Think you have what it takes? Check out what one of our own Managers has to say about the job.

1) What are the key functions of this role?
Among some of the most significant responsibilities as a Project Manager at 889 are to communicate with our Chinese vendors to obtain and calculate accurate quotes, work closely with the sales team and other PMs to help clients place orders, coordinate with the 889 China team to qualify new vendors and conduct factory inspections, and to complete manufacturing and shipping timelines. In short, we oversee production and packaging inspections to ensure the right part arrives at the right time.

2) What’s your favorite part of being a Project Manager?
“Every day is different. Anything could happen during a project, so there’s constantly problem identification and problem solving involved. It is both fun and challenging.”

3) What’s it like to work at 889?
“It’s like working with family. There’s no politics and with an open-door policy, our team remains close yet different. There are always a lot of new and fun ideas. We try to make work fun. We also have fun after work in a variety of events which brings us even closer.”

*Check it out –

Welcome to the New 889 Global Solutions Blog!

Welcome to the new 889 Global Solutions user-friendly website and blog! Within our new interface, it will be easier for you to navigate the website and find the information you are searching for to connect with us.

Our new blog tab will allow our visitors to remain updated on the new events, connections and achievements we are determined to achieve. This is especially important because we want all of our visitors to envision the ideas of what our company core values, culture, and results represent as we grow and expand.

We hope that you follow our blogs and stay updated within the 889 Global Solutions community and development.