Bowlin’ a China Shop

The people of 889 Global Solutions have recently expanded their team orientated spirit from the office to the bowling lanes. In fact, the image you see above is an action shot of actual footage you can catch on Tuesday nights when the 889 wrecking crew takes on the lanes! With the crafty team name of “Bowlin’ a China Shop” the team takes their talents to Sawmill Lanes on Tuesday nights to take on any and all challengers. You may hear a lot about how the office culture here is fun, but then you’re left with the question… how so? Well here is one of the many ways we do it!

Everybody in the company participates. From Project Managers to Sales Associates, you can always count on an open invitation to unwind after the beginning of the work week. Even though the Adult Mixed league only calls for 4 bowlers per week, our team rotates participants while others cheer them on with food and beverages.

What fun would the extra-curricular be without going the extra mile?

The answer to that is, none at all. That’s why we made epic team uniforms for our extravagant Tuesday nights. They include custom nicknames like “DJ Kevy Kev” and “The Integrator” to make each and every uniform unique. It gives everybody that little extra boost they need to carry on to hump day!

Bowling isn’t your thing?

Don’t worry about it! Karen didn’t think so either, now she’s averaging triple digits every week. Not only that but she has become one of the staples of Bowlin’ a China Shop’s recent success with a 140-point game last week.

The bowling team is a perfect example of what makes the office culture at 889 Global Solutions. We bring a fun and competitive nature that drives for improvements. Whether it is at the bowling lanes or in the office, we are a team that depends on each other in order to succeed.