Clean Room Plastics

889 Global Solutions: Your Source for Clean Room Plastic Manufacturing

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Clean Room Manufacturing Environment

Strictly in accordance with GMP standard, our partners of Chinese manufacturers have established 100,000 class clean rooms under ISO 14644-1 standard, equipped with advanced processing machinery and testing equipment, strict contamination control procedure is in place in the clean room environment to ensure quality.

Our Facility

  • 16,000 square feet of class 100,000 clean room workshop for production
  • 8,500 square feet of class 100,000 clean room space for laboratory purposes, with a quarter of the space used for class 100 clean room laboratory.

Our Quality System

  • CE certified manufacturer
  • ISO 13485 certified manufacturer

Our Production Capabilities

  • Tube Extrusion: clear or frosted tubing, single- and multi-lumen tubes
  • Injection: wide variety of injection connectors
  • Blowing: cuff or balloon blowing
  • Tip Forming: closed and open ends, bonded soft tips
  • Holes/Eyelets: punch, drill, fire polished
  • Tube Ending: flared or flanged ends
  • Cuff Bonding: bondinig cuff onto tubes
  • Tube Printing: pad printing on tubes

Types of Catheters/Tubes:

  • Foley catheters
  • Coude catheters
  • 3-way catheters
  • Suprapubic catheters
  • Catheter insertion kits

Workshop and Assembly in Clean Room

  • The air entering clean rooms from outside is filtered to remove dust;
  • The air inside is constantly re-circulated through high efficiency particulate air HEPA and/or ultra low particulate air ULPA filters to remove internally generated contaminants;
  • Staff enter and leave through airlock and wear protective clothing;
  • The materials used are medical class plastic materials.