Forging Specifications

Open Die Forging, Rolled Ring Forging

ISO 9001, TS16949

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Nickel, Aluminum

Size Range:

Weight Range:

Powder coat, oil coat, sanding, EDP

Secondary Processes:
Machining, assembly, welding, deburring

Oil and gas, Heavy industrial equipment, medical furniture, Power generation, automotive, motorcycle, safety



Raw Material Cutting Facilities Horizontal Metal Sawing Machine 8
Horizontal Cutting Machine 2
Automatic Cutting Machine 6
Forging Production Facilities Double-Axis Electric Screw Press 1
Double-Disc Friction Press Machine 14
Single Enclosed Press Machine 6
Open-type Inclinable Press Machine 32
Pneumatic Hammering Forging Machine 3
Hydraulic Press Machine 4
Industrial Resistance Treatment Furnace 45
Medium Frequency Induction-heated Furnace 4
Tooling Fabrication Facilities CNC Machine Center 3
Facilities Vertical CNC Milling Machine 3
Electric Pulse Lathe Process Machine 4
Precision Electrical Discharge Machine 2
Electric Arc CNC Wire-cut Machine 4
Heat treatment Facilities Industrial Burn Off Furnaces 4
Industrial Annealing furnace 10
Burn Off Pit Furnaces 4
Surface Treatment Facilities Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine 3
Hanging Type Shot Blasting Machine 2
Rubber Track Type Shot Blasting Machine 3
Spiral Vibration Grinding Machine 5
Acid Surface Refinement Process Treatment Line 2
Inspection Facilities ARL Optical Emission Spectrometer 1
Coordinate Measurement Machine 1
Imaging Measuring Machine 1
WDW-100 Microcomputer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine 1
H-300 Brinell Hardness Machine 1
HR150DT Type Rockwell Hardness Machine 2
Partial Pendulum Instrument 1
Other GB Equivalent Measuring Instruments 350
Facilities CNC Milling Machine 4
CNC Lathes Machine 9
Universal Milling Machines 10
Vertical Milling Machines 2
Ordinary Lathe Machine 20
Radial Drilling Machine 2
Desktop Drilling Machine 10
Vertical Drilling Machine 7

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