Precision Machining



  • Lathing
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • CNC Machining 
  • Threading


  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Alloy steel
  • Brass
  • Tungsten


  • Anodizing
  • Plating
  • Polish
  • Zinc plating

Facilities include CNC computer numerically controlled lathes, CNC central processing thread milling machine, CNC central processing thread milling machine with 4 axles, automatic lathes, center less lapping machine, Thread rolling machine, Thread heading machine and desktop cutting lathe and examining equipment, projector, tools microscope, roughness tester, height tester, material elements X-ray analysis machine, roundness tester, membrane thickness tester, salt spray tester and temperature tester.



Equipment Listing

Machine Manufactured by Model Chuck/Pallet/Table Size Procession Tolerance (+/- mm) Number of tool stations C-axis Y/N Number of Machines
CNC Lathe CHANGCHENG LP20 200mm (380*500)   4-position toolpost Y 2
CNC Lathe Shenyang First Machine CAK4085nj 400*850(x/z)   4-position toolpost N 1
CAK5085nj 500*850   2
CAK5085nj 500*850   1
CNC/Precision Automatic Lathe Baoyu 6130   0.01     100
CNC Dalian 6150/6140   0.01     10
CNC Machining Center DALIGAOXIN (TAIWAI) VMC0650/640/850   0.01     4
CNC Vertical Machining Center TONTEC (Nantong Machine Tech) VMC600 800mmx400mmx 600mm   4-position toolpost N 1
Center Lathe DMTG (Dalian Machine Tool) CD6140A 400mmx1000mm   4-position toolpost N 1
Punching Machine Lijing 16T-160T   0.02     6
Core Knock-Out Machine CITIZEN (JANPA) S205/S206   0.01     7
Centerless Grinding Machine Wuxi GTS250/360/50   0.01     8
Lathe Machine Xihu C0610/620/625/630/640   0.01     40
Drilling Machine Xihu 750/550/370/250   0.01     30
Milling Machine DALIGAOXIN (TAIWAI) M3   0.01     10
Drilling and Milling Machine Zhejiang Xiling   Max Drill Dia:35mm         Max Mill Dia:80mmm Vertical Mill:22mm     N 1
Bench Drill Zhejiang Xiling Z516 Max Drill Dia:16mm       1
Bench Drill Zhejiang Xiling Z4125 Max Drill Dia:25mm       2
Radial Drill Zhejiang Z3040 Max Drill Dia:40mm       1



4-axis Machining 

4-axis Tapping Center 
CNC Automatic Feed 
Machining Department