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Community Involvement and Corporate Citizenship

Columbus Business First released “The List” in Corporate Citizenship for 2018, ranking of the top 100 companies in Central Ohio giving back to the community.  In total, over $69 million and 225,000 volunteer hours were given to a wide range of local organizations.  We at 889 are honored to be recognized among the leading businesses who have donated to local nonprofits.  With the combined support of these companies, we are able to ensure their continued contribution.

One of the standout philanthropic efforts this year is The Buckeye Ranch, a nonprofit that provides emotional, behavioral, and mental health services for children and their families.  Partnering with companies to orchestrate their annual fundraiser, Rally for the Ranch, they have raised more than $2.1 million to date.

Another great project is the “living laboratory” at the E3 Solar House and Past Innovation Lab in Columbus.  Serving as custom-built learning environments, these labs provide a hands-on way for students from grades 3-12 to learn about green energy.  A $270,000 grant and numerous hours of volunteer involvement have allowed the project to move forward with education and research plans for future-facing alternative energy.

In addition to generous cash donations, some nonprofits benefited from in-kind donations of resources and time.  The Mid-Ohio Foodbank is one such organization aided by philanthropic efforts from Corporate Citizenship Award winners.  They utilized volunteer researchers to carry out studies to better understand the sensitivities around poverty and hunger.  In discovering the stereotypes, stigma, and racism surrounding public discourse on this topic, the Mid-Ohio Foodbank was able to design messages that better convey the harrowing statistic that one is six people in Ohio, and one in four children, struggles with hunger.

And of course, 889 Global Solutions was proud to be involved with the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research, which has raised over $1.8 million to date.  This year, with the combined efforts of everyone involved, we successfully raised funds for a Stellant® Injection System. This system works with current Spielman Center equipment to enhance the visualization of cancer cells through various imaging processes, like x-ray, tomography and MRI, to increase the accuracy of detection and better interpret mammograms.  We are looking forward to the awards in 2019 and hope that everyone outdoes themselves next year.

889 Second Annual Step-Up for Stefanie

Last month, our friends and families came together at the Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center for the 4-mile run / 1-mile walk. In 1999 Chris Spielman established the fund in honor of his wife. All the funds raised by Step-Up for Stefanie go towards breast cancer research at Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center as well as the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.

This year eyes were set on getting a Stellant® Injection System. This system works with current Spielman Center equipment to enhance the visualization of cancer cells through various imaging processes, like x-ray, tomography and MRI, to increase the accuracy of detection and better interpret mammograms.

This year unfortunately we were not able to top the record breaking year in 2017 where there were over 1,700 participants, 138 teams, and $100,000 raised. However, we were able to raise enough for the Stellant® Injection System. With our 889 team growing we were able to grow our efforts as well. This year 889 Global Solutions was the 5th largest corporate supporter taking part in over $50,000 raised for the battle against breast cancer.

Although the event has passed, the battle has not ended. With about $1.8 million raised since the foundation of the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research we have been able to make great strides. By making a donation, you can join us in creating a cancer-free world. One person and one discovery at a time. We encourage you to support the cause devoted to finding the cure: Step-Up for Stefanie’s Champions

Honda Executive on Bringing Overseas Manufacturing to the U.S.

It was great to listen to Shige Yoshida, retired Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer of Honda as he enlightened members and guests of the Columbus Rotary Club last week on his experiences. Rotarians learned about developments and the eventual selection of the Honda Marysville plant making Ohio home for its first U.S. manufacturing plant.

Some of you may be more aware than others of the Honda story and the lessons it provides on bringing flexible manufacturing, industry leading technology, and local Ohio workers to create vehicles such as the 2018 Honda Accord recently named Car of the Year. However, Mr. Yoshida’s first ever public speech on Honda’s growth through the 1970’s, full auto production in 1982 and on to his retirement in 1987 added to that storyline.

Besides Honda, Ohio has proven a great home for many manufacturers such as Worthington Industries. Yoshida mentioned that John McConnell was one his biggest mentors through his career which has led him to be described as “the most influential automaker executive of the past 50 years”. The small Japanese company came to the U.S. as a non-union shop without substantial financial incentives.

Now today, we are taking pages out of their book on how to build cross cultural relationships within U.S. manufacturing. Tom Shoupe, current Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer of Honda of America Manufacturing picked up Yoshida’s trip down memory lane by describing the past twenty years of Honda’s success in Ohio as well as provide a preview of future directions.

The self-reliant North American company now manufactures motor vehicles in the same market where they are sold with over 10,000 American workers in their Ohio manufacturing plants alone. We are eager to see how the Honda story plays out and are excited to be a part of bringing overseas manufacturing practices to the U.S.

Community Involvement Update

As that famous 1971 hit by Ten Years After goes: “I’d love to change the world / But I don’t know what to do / So I’ll leave it up to you.” Recently 889 Global Solutions has been involved in some charitable efforts and wanted to share some different ways you can get involved. Through your support, these organizations uplift people and communities and improve the quality of life around them.  In early March of 2018, our staff volunteered with Meals-on-Wheels and LifeCare Alliance, as well as the Homeless Families Foundation and Columbus Rotary, to support the amazing work they do helping underprivileged families. Soon, we will be participating in the Step Up For Stefanie Walk/Run. We believe that selfless contribution is a healthy part of any community, and have found these organizations to be particularly wonderful for the services they provide. Please see below to see how you can take part in the action!

Earlier this Spring, our team and their families had a heart-warming experience taking part in the Meals-On-Wheels volunteer program. Meals-on-wheels serves 2.4 million seniors and helps people in a variety of different walks of life. Those served include people who undergo medical treatments that prevent them from leaving the house, people with difficulty chewing food, and people with dietary restrictions. In cooperation with Life Care Alliance, chefs and registered dietitians create healthy, complete meal plans to give to those in need. Are you looking to contribute to a great cause?  They accept any size donation, and have multiple volunteer programs to choose from.

On March 10, we had the opportunity to participate in a fun day of Olympics put on by the Homeless Families Foundation and The Columbus Rotary club. We enjoyed setting-up for the event as well as being timers, score-keepers, and judges. Most of all, we enjoyed the smiles at the award ceremony afterwards. It was uplifting to provide a positive and encouraging atmosphere for the kids. In a day focused on youth health and fitness, kids gathered to do fun obstacle courses and get the blood pumping. There were push-up and sit-up stations, dodge ball games, and even a balloon popping competition to inspire kids to be active and have fun. Since 2012, Columbus Rotarians have contributed over $1 million to community programs in Columbus. The Homeless Families Foundation puts on after school programs and weekend events like the Kids Olympics where they provide shorts and T-shirt to every child and award medals and ribbons to participants. Both organizations take big steps to make our community a better place for all.

If  you missed the last two events and are wondering “what’s next?” you are in luck! This Saturday April 21st 2018, the staff here will be taking part in the Step-Up for Stefanie walk/run for the second year. Proceeds from this 4-mile or 1-mile course will benefit local breast cancer research through the Stefanie Spielman Research Fund. Over the last 16 years, they have raised more than $1.7 million for cancer research. Along the route, runners and walkers alike will be enjoying live music and other entertainment. We are excited to be participating again this year, and have doubled our fundraising goal from last year. It is our hope that you will support the vision of creating a cancer-free world. We want to express our sincere thanks to all of you for your willingness and desire to help us in our fundraising efforts.  Click here to see how you can contribute: 2018 Step-up for Stefanie flyer.pdf

We look forward to seeing you at future events!

An Economical Option for Innovation

When your product development or manufacturing company needs design, engineering or business services not currently employed, the most typical solution is to outsource the work to a consulting or design firm. There is now a new, cost-effective, novel program at Ohio State’s Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) which utilizes students to bring about high-value manufacturing projects as part of their curriculum. These young minds are eager to learn and willing to expend time and effort to bring about successful projects. When properly mentored and guided by CDME’s experienced staff, they are capable of doing incredible things.

While there is often a trepidation with using students, CDME embraces their passion and creativity to delivery on high-value projects successfully. Our engineering director, Nate Ames, has often been heard stating that one of the biggest values of students is that they are “unencumbered by experience”. While experience is a great trait in our senior engineering staff, students who do not have decades of industry experience are able to look at product design and innovation problems with a fresh perspective.

CDME is proud to have recently launched the Experiential Entrepreneurship Education (E3). This program is the first of its kind in the nation to combine state-of-the-art educational programs in product design, manufacturing, commercialization, and business modeling with advanced on-site prototyping capabilities and real-time, industry-sponsored research and development projects. We are proud to offer another option to innovate for the small to medium-sized manufacturing market. You are encouraged to bring your innovative ideas and engineering challenges to the program and allow these bright students the opportunity to develop your product into a commercial, competitive deliverable. The students gain experience, advance in the E3 program and are gainfully employed. You gain a customized and marketable product.

The E3 program is made possible by a generous donation from an alumnus of Ohio State’s College of Engineering. Those who complete the E3 program will be much more prepared than their peers upon graduation and will start value-added employment from day one. For more information on this program, click here.

By Eric Wagner Program Manager, Manufacturing Extension Partnership at The Ohio State University

China Manufacturing Holidays and Production Delays

The Chinese New Year of 2018 starts on February 15th, and lasts until February 21st. While this is a major event that is still largely unknown outside of Asia, importers are sometimes painfully… aware of this season. They certainly have good reasons. The Chinese New Year shuts down every single production facility in the entire country, for varying time frames. In the worst case, and rather likely, scenario – the Chinese New Year can result in severe delays.

Although the official dates of the Chinese National holidays are helpful to understand, it is equally important to know the range of dates around the holiday that are impacted. It is difficult to plan supply chains with inconsistent schedules.

The unofficial dates are what allow the factory workers to visit relatives they may not have seen since the previous year’s holiday. The two holidays with the most days off are the Chinese New Year (mid-February) and the Chinese National Holiday (early October). Both are officially celebrated for a full week. Factory workers that are employed in big metropolitan areas tend to follow the official dates more closely since their relatives are closer geographically, or easier to get to. But, many factories close two weeks prior to the holiday and may not open with a full staff until two weeks after the holiday.

It is also helpful to look at it this way: if a factory closes two weeks before Chinese New Year, and workers do not fully return until two weeks after, that factory will not only have no production during that time, but it will also take a few days after the employees return to get things back up to speed.  Then if you look deeper in to that factory’s material supplier, they will also be delayed, resulting in another week. Finally, the large amounts of containers that did not make it out before the holiday will take time to be processed. Ultimately, it is wise to forward plan for 4-8 weeks of delays during these times of the year. But why let that be a deterrent from all the positive aspects of working with Chinese manufacturers?

As a company who has been working closely with a lot of Chinese Manufacturers, one of our suggestions is better planning. By having a better understanding about the Chinese holidays and non-working days, U.S. manufacturers should be able to plan their production. Ensure that production starts in late December, at latest. That assumes in average production time is around 30 to 40 days. If it takes more than 40 days, we start counting backwards and look to have a “buffer stock” in our warehouse. Try to have a minimum 2 weeks’ worth of “buffer stock” between the end date of the production, and the date they close. We also attached a Chinese calendar to help.


New Year’s Day 2018:  Jan 1st. No makeup days.

Spring Festival/Chinese New Year: Feb 15th to 21st, makeup days on Feb 11th and 24th

Qing Ming Festival: 5 Apr to 7 Apr, makeup day on Apr 8th.

May Labor Day: Apr 29th to May 1st, makeup day on May 28th.

Dragon Boat Festival: Jun 16th – 18th, no makeup day.

Mid-Autumn Festival: Sep 22nd – 24th, makeup days on Sept 29th – 30th.

October National Day:  Oct 1st – 7th, no makeup day.

Without Growth, There is Just Stagnation.

Following this mantra, 889 achieved goals to grow in 2016 and the first half of 2017. In sum total, we’ve added two project managers, four sales representatives, and three administrative personnel over the past year and a half. We’ve implemented new processes, including a comprehensive customer service strategy, a reformed management structure, and a redux of our logistics management procedures. By 2017, our custom built-to-print parts entered the automotive aftermarket for the first time. Additionally, we’ve expanded our vendor network to provide even more high quality investment castings and aluminum forgings. You may have already seen it (and if you haven’t, check it out!), but we launched a new website to start the year, far more accurately displaying the diverse capabilities 889 has to offer its clients.

Now, we aren’t telling you all this simply to brag (only a little bit for that). Instead, we want to plug that to which we believe we owe this success. In 2015, 889 began to implement a system called the “Entrepreneurial Operating System” (EOS), popularized by Gino Wickman in his business strategy book Traction. Through the help of implementer and friend of the company Rich Russakoff and diligent study by Judy Huang and others, our team has been able to “get a grip” on our goals over the past year and a half thanks to the ideas espoused in Traction.

In Traction, Gino Wickman argues that businesses often stagnate or fail because the company vision and purpose is not shared by all members of the organization. To defeat this evil, Mr. Wickman proposes the “Entrepreneurial Operating System,” designed to optimize the core components of any business.

As with any business strategy, Traction is a map, not the territory. It is designed for customization in implementation, and that has certainly been the case at 889. The journey of defining how we can best utilize EOS has been fun, challenging, and ultimately rewarding.

With Traction at our backs, we are fully prepared to turn our sights to 2018 and beyond. We look forward to seeing you there!
Check out Traction and the EOS at their website: here

Did You Catch That Show?

Our trade show schedule has dramatically bulked up this year. We have more than doubled the amount of shows attended through many regions across the U.S. including California, Florida, Michigan, Indianapolis, Illinois, and Ohio. We would love to share our experiences with you in September and October where we will be exhibiting for the first time ever at AmCon Cleveland as well as the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council Conference in Detroit highlighted below:

  • AmCon Cleveland, OH (September 19-20) – a design and contract manufacturing expo where buyers and engineers can find prospective suppliers.
  • NMSDC Detroit, MI (October 23-25) – a business exchange for the council that has succeeded in matching over 12,000 minority-owned businesses with member corporations.

From July through November, we will be appearing at shows in Washington, Las Vegas, Columbus, Cleveland, and Detroit. The educational takeaways from this rigorous schedule have been priceless, enlightening us on the most recent trends in the Healthcare, Manufacturing, and General Industrial industries.

See below to see the highlighted trade show schedule:

  • MD&M West Anaheim, CA (February 7-9) – the biggest medical design and manufacturing show in North America.
  • HIMSS Conference & Exhibition Orlando, FL (February 19-23) – a record breaking turn out from medical device, medical furniture, and healthcare industry leaders.
  • Ohio Deer & Turkey Columbus, OH (March 17-19) – learned from experts on new trends in habitat management, outdoor gear, and hunting equipment.
  • AD&M Cleveland, OH (March 23) – a show for job shops with enlightening keynote speeches regarding electric energy.
  • PMTS Columbus, OH (April 25-27) – North America’s biannual show unique to Precision Machining and the equipment, materials, and services within the industry.
  • OHCA Convention & Expo Columbus, OH (May 1-3) – a three-day exhibition with over 3,000 attendees of all experience levels under one roof supplemented with educational workshops.
  • AHRMM17 Conference & Exhibition Washington, DC (July 23-26) – a centralized event for providers, affiliates, and vendors involved in the healthcare supply chain.
  • AOPA World Congress Las Vegas, NV (September 6-9) – this orthotic and prosthetic show will congregate 2,500 participants from 43 countries.
  • Gear Expo Columbus, OH (October 24-26) – design, manufacturing, application engineering, and gear buyers.


The attendance of these shows has further engaged us with our clients as well as potential clients across North America and Asia. We would love to see you at one of the upcoming events to hear about how 2017 is going for you!

Continue the Mother’s Day Celebration with Race for the Cure

To continue our support for research on breast cancer and breast cancer patients, we want to take the opportunity to share Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure this Saturday, May 20th in Downtown Columbus.

Susan G. Komen was founded by Nancy G. Brinker in 1982 after her sister Susan passed away two years prior.  Currently, the organization is the world’s largest source of funding among nonprofits that are devoted to eliminate breast cancer. The organization has invested more than $ 2.9 billion in groundbreaking research, community health outreach, advocacy and programs in more than 60 countries. Their efforts helped in the reduction of breast cancer deaths by 38% between 1989-2014 and they aim to end breast cancer.

The race offers the options of a 5K-run and a 5K-walk. In the survival ceremony, you’ll find an amazing group of survivors who are supportive of each other and whose spirits drive us to contribute to the cause. If you can’t make it to the race this weekend, you can donate here. Every dollar will go towards breast cancer related research and initiatives, as well as assisting uninsured and underinsured patients. You can find more ways to get involved here.

First-time attendee of OHCA Convention and Expo

What an exciting time for Columbus! The Ohio Healthcare Association (OHCA) was established in 1946 and has grown immensely to represent 800 nursing facilities, assisted-living communities, and other intermediate care facilities with over 100,000 individuals in Central Ohio. Last week (May1-4) they hosted their Annual Convention and Expo at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus.

On Wednesday, May 3rd we went over to the show to experience the thousands of attendees, enormous exhibit hall, enlightening keynote speakers, and hundreds of educational sessions right here in the heart of Ohio. 889 Global Solutions has provided for this industry for over a decade, so what greater opportunity to learn more!

We met with many influential industry leaders, directors, department heads, and experts enabling us to create long-term business relationships. We want to thank OHCA for the experience and look forward to meeting more healthcare personnel next year.

Check out OHCA’s website here: