Judy Huang, CEO of 889 Global Solutions, recognized as Panelist for Smart Women Breakfast Awards from Smart Business Magazine – Columbus

We are very excited to share that Judy Huang, the CEO and founder of 889 Global Solutions was selected to be a panelist at the 2017 Central Ohio Smart Women Breakfast and Awards! The Smart Women Awards is an annual event held by Smart Business Magazine that recognizes the achievements and success of leading businesswomen and entrepreneurs.

Originally born in China, Judy moved to the United States at age 12. After pursuing a degree in Marketing and Communications from Boston College, she returned to China where she founded the second licensed real estate company in Beijing—which happened to become profitable within 90 days. However, Judy soon found herself in a unique position to leverage her Chinese cultural knowledge and American business acumen to identify targeted growth opportunities within the Sino-American commercial domain. This prompted her to sell her real estate company and create 889 Global Solutions.

889’s core business model involves the implementation of customized sourcing strategies and the utilization of manufacturing facilities in East Asia in order to reduce procurement costs for its clients. As a result of its extensive network of domestic and international contacts in addition to its storied history as a contract manufacturer for 17 years, 889’s unique value proposition arises from its substantial experience and adeptness at navigating the complicated landscape of international supply chain management.

889’s success has led to a variety of clients that range from small and mid-sized US manufacturers to members of the healthcare, food equipment & supplies, and the oil & gas industries. 889 Global Solutions employs and possesses a range of manufacturing processes and capabilities that are catered to the needs of each client.

In addition to serving these primary customer bases, 889 has further expanded to develop strong client-relationships with many government entities, such as the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Department of Commerce, and the Ohio Department of Health to name a few.

Judy was chosen as a panelist in order to highlight her accomplishments as a prominent female player in the manufacturing sector and her commitment to team building and encouraging diversity of thought in the workplace.

Judy’s leadership philosophy emphasizes that the company should be “employee owned,” meaning that all employees feel a sense of ownership and commitment towards the long term strategies and goals of the company. Judy fosters this shared sense of devotion towards a common vision at 889 Global Solutions by facilitating a strong open-door work environment and following a flat management structure.

Ensuring that there is always an open line of communication between all team members is a priority at 889 global solutions, and having the ability to bring up issues openly and discussing those issues as a team minimizes difficulties while bolstering overall employee satisfaction.

As Judy mentioned in her recent interview with Smart Business Magazine, “I’m OK with people challenging my thought process and nobody has to feel like they have to kowtow to me or kowtow to any other department head. It’s about solving the problem.”

By creating this collaborative work environment, everyone is an integral component in solving any of the challenges the firm faces. Every employee is encouraged to adopt an innovative mindset that challenges and improves all of the day-to-say systems and processes 889 Global Solutions implements.

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