510(k) Cleared Devices

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Central Venous Catheters

  • Single, double, and triple lumen
  • Individual catheters and CVC kits available
  • Movable clamp on transparent extension line designed to avoid air embolism
  • Detected under X-ray to observe location
  • Marked length on the guide wire and catheter help to ascertain insertion depth
  • Raulerson syringe and Y-shaped introducer needle are both available
  • Soft and round hub reduces friction

CVC Kit includes: CVC catheter, introducer needle and syringe, guidewire, dilator, injection cap and adaptor


  • Available with and without needle
  • Available in 1ml - 100ml, custom needle size per specification
  • Latex free
  • Designed to prevent plunger from slipping out
  • Central luer slip/central luer lock/off-center luer slip
  • Individual PE/blister package

Infusion Sets

  • Available with or without air vent
  • Non-toxic, pyrogren free, sterile
  • High quality latex tube/flash bulb for self-sealing
  • Latex free option available
  • Roller clamp designed for better control
  • Sharp spike vented and non-vented for better penetration


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