Oil & Gas

Manufacturing Capabilities

Sheet Metal Fabrication ● Custom Metal Fabrication ● Precision CNC Machining ● Forging ● Stamping ● Milling  Casting (Die, Sand, and Investment) ● Screw Machining ● Bending ● Threading ● Laser Cutting ● Grinding ● Punching

Product Examples & Descriptions Below

Perforating Charge Cases ● Filter Magnets ● Filter Screens ● Valves ● Couplings ● Wheels ● Slotted Pipes ● Base Pipes ● Multilayered Casing Pipes ● Molecular Sieves ● Silica Gel ● Other Customized Oil and Gas Products


Perforating Charge Cases

Slotted Pipe

Made of carbon steel or stainless steel and is an efficient solution for long completions or low productivity well. Laser incision straight and keystone slots are both available in a variety of slotting patterns. Good rigidity, high intensity, and won’t corrode.

Perforated Pipes/Base Pipes

Made of carbon steel or stainless steel and used for the application of the oil reservation layer with little sand and well cementation. Every perforation is deburred internally and externally. Hole size and quantity are customizable.

Multilayered Casing Pipe

The casing pipe greatly improves water permeability and consists of a casing pipe, bridge slot screen, and cylindrical wire screen.

Cylindrical Wire Screens

Made of carbon steel, are welded at each cross section, and can be custom treated with powder coating, chrome plating, etc.

Molecular Sieves

3A, 4A, 5A, 13X, NaY sieves available with varying elements for advanced drying of gases, thermal and sound insulation, double glazing glass, dewaxing, and static dewatering.

Silica Gel

Coarse mesh microglobular silica gel, macropore silica gel, and water-resistant silica gel available for use as a catalyst carrier to selectively absorb gases and liquids. 


Our mission is to help our clients lower costs by utilizing our vast manufacturers’ network in China and by implementing better outsourcing strategies. Maintaining quality and client confidentiality are paramount. On average, we save our clients 20% - 30% on finished products or components while offering services and advantages that include:

•Inspection and quality control within the manufacturing facilities in China
•Client confidentiality
•Taking title of goods
•Assigning a dedicated project manager who will ensure your products are delivered on time to your specifications
•Comprehensive logistics and risk minimization
•Warehousing products