Quality Assurance for China Manufacturing

When sourcing products from Asia, quality assurance is essential. QA is fixed into every aspect of our project management process, providing guarantees that your products from Asia will meet your specifications.
Quality Control ensures we are working with manufacturers who can meet our quality standards. In fact, we have part ownership of several factories in China that we supervise first-hand.
Quality Control of Our Manufacturing Partners
  • We audit our manufacturing partners by taking a holistic look at the company to ensure we work only with stable manufacturers that have knowledgeable and trustworthy engineers and employees, effective communication practices, necessary manufacturing equipment, and quality products. We work directly with manufacturers, never with trading companies or import/export companies.


Quality Control of Products

  • 889 Global Solutions has developed effective management and control systems to ensure quality manufacturing.
  • 889’s dedicated team members in China are involved in every step of production, starting with raw material certification checks, inspections, and meetings with the engineers who will be making the products, continuing with inspections and sampling during production, and ending with post-production inspection before goods leave the factory floor. Our QA inspectors check everything.
  • When the production is completed, we inspect the appearance, quality, and safety of all final products in the pre-shipment inspection and supervise the loading process by recording relevant information such as arrival time of container, the condition of the outer packaging, and performing random sampling of the products. 

To assure quality, we have access to a large number of third party testing agencies.


Communication with Clients

  • Throughout the entire quality inspection and control process, we communicate regularly with clients to relay information, samples, and pictures for approval before, during, and after production. We also send copies of quality certifications and material and safety test results. When it comes time to ship, we keep clients informed of the location and status of the shipment and communicate with clients to arrange delivery.



  • 889 takes title/ownership of products to remove risk from our clients.
  • Our multi-lingual team provides on-the-ground inspection and quality control in China.
  • We provide logistics management, including import/export documentation, customs brokerage and transportation from Asia to clients’ locations.
  • Clients are assigned a multi-lingual project manager, based in the U.S., who ensures goods are manufactured to their exact specifications and are delivered on time.
  • 889’s extensive contacts throughout China provide our clients with the unique ability to manage risk by working with trusted, quality manufacturers.