1. Send Drawings

Our sales team will work with you to fully understand your needs.

Project management team will refine engineering details with China team and factories.

2. Provide a Quote

Delivered within 3 weeks.

We’ll source multiple bids to provide the best quote, including tooling, part cost, tariffs and shipping costs, landed at your door.

3. Order

Minimum order value: $15,000.

We’ll take title of your product until the process is complete.

4. Tooling

30-45 days.

Tooling inspections conducted on subsequent orders and retooling completed as necessary.

5. Production

30-45 days.

With over 50 factory partnerships to choose from, we offer a wide variety of metal fabrication processes.

6. Shipping

Land, sea and air: 7-30 days.

Warehousing options in Columbus, OH.

Final Notes on Inspection

889’s China staff visits and thoroughly qualifies every factory in our network.

Inspections conducted before, during and after manufacturing, ensuring proper production and packaging.

Material and chemical certifications on demand.