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Product Modification Nets Major Savings

"Our project manager was very responsive to emails and updates to the schedule. The company is very good at communications."

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Client Overview:
Medical Equipment & Supplies Manufacturer; 40 years of experience; Evolving products

When a US-based maker of entertainment displays first contacted 889 Global Solutions, the aluminum die cast part they needed had two pieces and weighed 7 lbs. We knew a product modification could dramatically save costs, so we worked together to engineer a single piece that provided all the necessary structural support but weighed just 4.5 lbs.

The modification cut costs in half, while delivering a sleeker, more modern looking piece that was easier to install. And since time was of the essence for this client, we were able to work closely with our factory team in China to reallocate machine time to decrease production lead-time by 35% over industry standard.


Bottom Line: The client gave 889 Global Solutions a 9 out of 10 Net Promoter score for overall performance and specifically mentioned appreciation for the company’s ability to collaborate as situations change and develop. Our relationship has flourished over the past nine years.

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