Improving Efficiency for a Specialty Bed Manufacturer

"They do a good job. I would say what stands out to me the most is their attention to detail. My rep is wonderful to work with. She is a really good go between and helps keep me straight."

fast facts

Client Overview:
Medical Bed Manufacturer; Cross boarder; Have increased volume of business by X%; 30,000 measurement inspection report.

By definition, medical beds must be rugged and durable with highly reliable moving parts. A North American-based company tasked 889 Global Solutions with producing one of their most complex assembly pieces: the step that locks and unlocks the wheelbase.

Working closely with the client and our team in China, we engineered a casted part that accomplished the necessary goals in one piece instead of two, streamlining production and eliminating the need for welding. This modification saved our client 12%.

But we weren’t done yet. We also divided their shipments. Now they benefit from the cost savings of a single production cycle, and yet their parts arrive quarterly for just-in-time inventory and storage.


Bottom Line: After starting with just one piece, 889 Global Solutions is now quoting seven pieces, as the company looks to consolidate all their casting in once place.

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