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A Smooth Transition for a Partition Maker

“They’re always helpful and always giving me an answer. From the standpoint of what is ideal, it seems they have resources and contacts in China that can pretty much make anything we ask for. That has been great. They’ve been a joy to deal with.”

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Client Overview:
Multinational family of companies; Many components and sub-assemblies; 90 years of experience; Custom project-by-project

You know what’s complicated? Doors that move. Used in business spaces, sliding doors may seem silent and effortless, but inside, complex gears perform the work. These high-precision gearboxes can have up to 24 separate parts in a single unit. And if they don’t fit properly, function perfectly and last a long time, the whole door is a bust.

At 889 Global Solutions, we love to help our customers. When a US-based manufacturer of partitions contacted us, they were managing a production system that relied on different vendors for each stage of development – part procurement, assembly, treatment and welding. We knew right away we could bring all of that under one roof and we did, saving them 50% in labor and materials immediately.

We achieved that savings despite implementing a 100% torque test and inspection process, just to make sure every single one of the gearboxes’ parts were exactly right in every way. That meant partnering their engineers with our inspectors to ramp up quality controls and meet their tight tolerations in a timely manner.


Bottom Line: With client's increased volumes over the years, 889 works on the production timeline and inventory to provide a continuous on-time supply to their manufacturing needs.

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